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Montessori Education on Phonics: Learning to Read Is Child’s Play

Montessori Education on Phonics - MontessoriBloggersNetwork.com

Guest post by Randall Klein Assistant Director of Training, Age of Montessori In our free webinar Learning to Read is Child’s Play Part 2, Mary Ellen and I give great emphasis to the building or encoding of words with the moveable alphabet. I want to share with our worldwide Montessori…

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3 Extensions for the Geometric Solids

3 Extensions of Geometric Solids - MontessoriBloggersNetwork.com

In previous posts I  shared the first presentation of the Geometric Solids, and the bases for the Geometric Solids, and today we will go a little further with three extensions for this sensorial material. The first extension involves matching each solid with its corresponding two-dimensional image, for which we will need a set…

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