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Cristina Tebar - Montessori en Casa

Cristina is a mom devoted to raising her two kids in a nurturing environment, using principles from respectful parenting, Montessori, multiple intelligences, mindfulness... She shares her experiences at her bilingual blog www.montessoriencasa.es

3 Extensions for the Geometric Solids

3 Extensions of Geometric Solids - MontessoriBloggersNetwork.com

In previous posts I  shared the first presentation of the Geometric Solids, and the bases for the Geometric Solids, and today we will go a little further with three extensions for this sensorial material. The first extension involves matching each solid with its corresponding two-dimensional image, for which we will need a set…

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15 Tips For Traveling With Kids The Montessori Way

15 Tips For Traveling With Kids The Montessori Way - MontessoriBloggersNetwork.com

Today I want to share some tips for traveling with children, particularly those that best fit the Montessori philosophy. In this collection there are ideas to suit different ages, so I’m sure you will find something interesting; if you are planning to travel with kids keep reading! Before the trip It’s a…

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